Unrestrained Gesture

As collaborative inventors we develop and build moving sculptures. They start as functional tools for choreography to unlock emotional storytelling. Using gesture as inspiration, the final expression of the work is designed as surrealistic modern-day fables explored through live performance, film and sound. We assume “liveness” in bodies, objects and interactive design. Sharing discipline-specific lenses from dance, sculpture and design deepens our desire to invent and innovate new forms of art.

Figurine II is an exploration of emotion through moving sculpture expressed as a durational installation that includes live performance, film and sound.  At Lila Festival we've toyed with elements of traditional choreography structured around a musical score to share the work on the stage for a seated audience. Using bespoke costuming and custom fabricated sculptures, dancers appear as otherworldly creatures floating through the space while encouraging onlookers to find their own story within the movement design.