Demeo Dance

Originally from Vermont, Tayler attended The Boston Conservatory for a BFA in Dance. She has been fortunate to grow her artistic practice at Bates Dance Festival since 2004 and with Countertechnique since 2017. Based in New York City for the last decade as a choreographer, performer, and teacher. Tayler has studied with Joy Davis, Janet Panetta, Michael Foley, Marianne Hraibi, Kathy Young, Chris Aiken, Jennifer Archibald, David Dorfman, Katiti King and Anouk Van Dijk among others. In 2017, Tayler attended the Gibney Professional Training Program for choreographic process showing and performing original work in the program's first year. With Gibney, Arts on Site and NYC as a large part of her artistic community she is lucky to travel locally and internationally to teach, study and perform. Currently working towards deepening her Countertechnique practice while obtaining another degree, she practices Alexander technique and Contemporary ballet along with functional movement for longevity. She is grateful to be returning to Lila for its second year. 


Easing into an exploration of the process of grief, "When They Go" is a section of a larger piece in development, investigating the ways we respond to different types of loss. This section delves into the ripple effect that occurs when someone leaves this world by their own volition. As each situation is unique, this investigation will continue to grow as dancers add their collaborations and interpretations.